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I quite like this; it's mostly well-written, where it's not overwritten with showboaty rhetorical jargon. I suppose that's an 'About Barthes' thing, I've seen it before, lots. Academia, eh? I feel I already have a pretty good handle on pop-culture Barthes, having never actually read him (I tend to skate over texts, avoiding the thin ice). Always fun to get a new, thoughtful and erudite take!

The ostensible subject of this one, "Keeper of the Hearth" is unclear until almost half-way through, where it is named. Ok...

“Here already from the very beginning England’s heart shines,” admires EZM. “She wishes to create a network and community of colleagues banded together to interpret ideals of love, responsibility, comfort, and most importantly care taking.” England? WTF? Oh, the editor.

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The gatekeepers. The emergents. The holy lucky ones. The smoothies. The ones who lend the moon a beam. The ones who defer to degrees of lockstep. The bald cynicism which informs my viewfinder. Thank you, Mr. McClintock. Your essay underlines the lubrication of a pervasive machination, which thrives on rehashing contemporary photographers the world needs to watch.

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